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Sony F3 Camera Test @ LAX:

Trust Fall

An exercise in sensationalizing sound.

The Hippo’s Tears

a short film that I produced for Hippo Water a non-profit out of South Africa that helps people access clean water.

GoPro Test

Took the GoPro out for a quick spin on Sunday – bigger things to come I think.


Finally got around to editing some out-takes from the Croc shoot…

Cast Away!

Spent a beautiful day at El Matador beach in Malibu shooting this spot for AT&T “Simplify your life…”

Burning film

Snake and Ethan getting into character and feeling “the big mamoo” on the the Doritos shoot…

New Project

I’m working on a new project.  Can’t really tell you much about it, but here’s some abandoned factory steadicam:

Goodtimes on the river

We hit up “the river” last weekend. I brought my camera.  Hope you like Creedence… never had a choice 😉